Welcome to BrickHouse Farms LLC. We are a 1,500 acre Diversified Family owned Farm in which we raise corn, soybeans, wheat, and Red Angus seed stock. Along with the Red Angus Cows we also operate a 500 head back grounding operation.

I have been in the beef industry all my life and have seen the benefits that superior genetics can add to the bottom line. Our number one goal is to produce these genetics and to only offer cattle that meet these higher standards.

Come and see us at the BrickHouse in Tina, Missouri and lets talk some Red Angus!!

Call Dwight Harper : (660)-542-4033

Kluesner Family Cattle is a small family owned and operated farm in Southwest Wisconsin near the Mississippi River. We started out with a small herd commercial crossbreds, but we are lucky enough to purchase some Registered Red Angus from Emerald Earth Cattle Co. and fell in love with the Red Angus breed. We then realized it was easier to care for 100 calm cows than 30 "crazy" ones. Over the past few years we have focused a lot on growth, strive for great maternal traits, good feet, and good disposition. 

Good people are just as important as Good cattle; and the people of the Red Tie Event are the best in the business; we are proud to be a part of it. 

Feel free to look us up at the sale or give us a call. We would love to talk cattle with you. 

Tony: (608)-379-3113

Brenda: (608)-732-5184 

Meyer Family Farms is owned and operated by Randy and Steve Meyer. We have a diversified family farm of 2,200 acres of corn and beans and have 900 acres of pasture. Our cow herds are artificially inseminated by top Red Angus Sires. We sell commercial, open heifers and a select group of high performance bulls. Come visit us in Brunswick, Missouri. 

Randy: 660-788-2066
Steve: 660-998-3044

Mosby Cattle Co. started in 1990 with 4 Charolais heifers for a FFA project. Today it has grown into 90 head of commercial Red Angus females. We use top Red Angus Sires and still use Charolais sires to create that sought after Charolais/ Red Angus cross steer for the feedlot and heifer for the pasture. Mosby Cattle Co. sells commercial Red Angus and fancy Red Angus/ Charolais cross open, bred and heifer pairs. 
For more information contact
Brad Mosby: (636)-262-5356

Emerald Earth Cattle Company, Platteville Wisconsin, is owned and operated by Joe & Gina Jewison. We are hands-on operators that know our 100 cow herd. We have invested in cow herd improvement, i.e. Artificial Insemination, In-Vitro Fertilization, Embryo Transfer, and purchases of quality genetics. We are very happy with our young cow herd today. Our herd scores very well on all of the relevant Red Angus EPD's. Disposition, feet and leg soundness, and udder quality are a must for our herd no matter how good an animals 'numbers' look. 

Quiet high quality cattle are fun to raise. The EEC brand strives to be recognized for providing customers these qualities in our cattle. 

Joe Jewison: 608-778-6736

Gina Jewison: 608-778-6748

Lents Red Angus Farms is a family operation that specializes in the development high quality replacement heifers. By using proven genetics from producers such as Meyer Family Farms & Feddes Red Angus, we believe the desired young female is well balanced in all traits for adding to herds. Our love for Red Angus began in 2016 when we started converting all of our Black Angus farm to now an all Red Angus Breed. Our missions is to rightly care for God's Creation as sound cattle producers seeking to advance the quality of Red Angus herds near and far. 

Kevin, Mallory and their four young children are located in Creston, Iowa. 

Kevin Lents: 641-344-7257

Terry Mudd: 636-262-9428

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